Football fans’ favourite soccer stadiums to visit in 2019

Football fans are loving the new stadiums in France and the UK and can’t wait for the 2018-19 World Cup in Russia.

Here are the best European stadiums to see in 2019:Stadio Santo Marco, Italy – Stadium of the Champions, home of Italy’s Serie A club.

The home of the Italian national team has a massive capacity of 50,000 fans.

Stadios della Salle, Spain – Coliseum of the Seasons, home to the national football team.

The capacity is 67,000.

Celtic Stadium, Glasgow, Scotland – The new stadium of Celtic Football Club.

The venue has a capacity of 54,000 and has been used by Celtic for over a decade.

It is also the home of Celtic’s first ever UEFA Europa League qualifying match against a top-four opponent.

Stadium of the North, Netherlands – The oldest stadium in Europe, the stadium is home to FC Groningen.

The stadium has a seating capacity of 62,000, with fans numbering in the thousands.

Stade des Jeux, France – Stade de Jeux is a home to both the Paris Saint-Germain and Lyon football clubs.

The home of French football is the home to France’s national team.

Stade des Nuits, France (Stade de Nuits) – The venue is the second oldest stadium ever built in Europe after the Stade Français in Paris.

It is the oldest home of professional French football, and is one of the oldest stadiums in the world.

The stadium was built in 1924.

The Stade Vélo is the current stadium for the French national team, which was built on the site of the former stadium in 1968.

It hosted the 1992 World Cup Final between France and Italy.

The old stadium is the largest stadium in France, and it was built for the 1956 European Championships, with a capacity to 70,000 people.

The new stadium is currently home to La Masia, a soccer team in Argentina, which is owned by the Argentine national team and played there from 2006 to 2012.

Striker Vieira, Brazil – Striker La Masa is the first football stadium in the South American country, and was built by Brazil in 1993.

The new Stadio Estadio Dois Curitiba has a total capacity of 60,000 for the Brazilian national team that plays there.

It has been renovated and expanded by the club since 2010.

Stoals Arena, Holland – The home for the Dutch national team for almost a decade now.

The ground is located in the old stadium of FC Gronense.

Stuemans Stadium, Germany – The stadium is a landmark for football fans in the country, as it is one the oldest football stadiums in Europe.

The famous arena is the only stadium in Germany with a seating area of more than 80,000 (with capacity of 65,000).

Stadion Vittoria, Italy (Stadional Vittorio Veneto) – Stadium for the Juventus football club.

The field is home of one of Serie A’s top clubs, AC Milan.

The pitch has a maximum capacity of 68,000 with an average capacity of 55,000 during matches.

Stadion is also home to one of Italy�s most famous clubs, Juventus.

Stoke’s Stadium, England – The club is based in the city of Stoke-on-Trent and is home for many Premier League and League Cup matches.

The terraces of the stadium are full of supporters.

The ground has been home to some of the most prestigious games in England, including the FA Cup final, the Champions League Final, and the final of the Europa League.

The city of Chester is also in the area.