Fluminense X Sport is launching a new car – the G37 x Sport – at the show

Today marks the first day of the upcoming show, where the company is showing off its latest G37 sports car, a G37 X Sport.

The G37 is a sports car with a sporty design, but it’s a car that will appeal to fans of sports cars as well as people who are just looking for a new vehicle.

The GTG, as the company calls it, sports a 6.2-litre twin-turbo V6 with 1,000rpm and 5,000RPM, with the top speed up to 180km/h and the 0-62mph time of 4.9 seconds.

The car is powered by a 1.6-litres turbocharged engine that can produce up to 400kW and torque of up to 5,600Nm, and its peak torque output of 4,600kW at 5,800rpm is enough to lift a car weighing over 3,200kg (6,000lb).

The G33 sports car is a compact sports car that can seat up to a single person.

The G37X Sport sports car has a 6,500-rpm turbocharged V6, the most powerful in the lineup, with 1.2 litres of turbo.

The top speed is 184km/hr, the 0 to 60mph time is 4.6 seconds, and the top end torque output is 6,000Nm.

The rear-wheel drive system is also new, with a six-speed automatic transmission.

The car can go from 0 to 100km/hour in 4.5 seconds, reaching top speed in 4 seconds.

It can go up to 200km/hp in 4 second and go to 60km/mph in 4,500rpm.

The body of the G33 is a carbon fibre composite body with an aluminium shell, which is cast using carbon-fibre and aluminium composite, and there’s a carbon fiber roof and glass to make the car look sleek and futuristic.

The rear-mounted headlights are two LED panels that are mounted in the roof of the car.

The light sensor is located at the rear, behind the driver’s side windscreen, and can adjust to various lighting conditions.

There’s a large infotainment display, which includes a navigation system, a digital rearview camera, a camera for voice-activated navigation, a stereo, and a rear-view camera.

The driver can control the car via a voice-controlled interface that includes an active and passive audio system and a satellite radio and a touchscreen display.

There’s a USB port for charging, and while there’s no audio input, there’s an active USB port that lets you control the volume of the music playing through your headphones.

The head unit has a touch screen that is made from carbon fibre, and it’s illuminated with LED lights that glow red when the car is in drive mode, blue when the driver is in cruise mode, and white when the rear view camera is in focus.

There is a touchscreen on the rear of the steering wheel, and you can use a stylus to move the screen.

The wheel is adjustable to 180 degrees, and when the steering is set to drive, the driver can adjust the wheel angle to move forward, backward, or side to side.

The steering wheel is mounted to the steering column, with four adjustment points, and is available in either a 1-inch or a 3.5-inch wheel.

There are also adjustable height adjustment points for the rear wheels, and both can be mounted to either the floor or to the roof.

The driver can also choose the angle of the rearview mirror.

The interior of the vehicle is carbon fibre and has a heated front passenger seat, as well an active driver’s seat.

There isn’t any audio input when the engine is running, so there’s nothing to be excited about when it’s idle.

The sound system is a dual-tuned audio system that includes speakers, surround sound, and an active digital audio system.

The front seatback has a surround sound system, and two speakers are located behind the seat and in the centre console.

There is a USB charging port in the back, and with the new steering wheel and wheel drive, there is a total of six USB ports.

There aren’t any controls on the instrument panel, so the driver has to look at the instrument display for the right information to operate the vehicle.

There are two rear parking sensors, which can detect the presence of pedestrians and adjust the speed of the wheel to get them off the road.

There will be a USB hub in the front, and on the driver seat, there will be two USB ports, one for charging and one for music playback.

There will also be a speaker and an auxiliary input for the car’s voice system, plus a volume control.

The company has also been working on its latest Android Auto version for