F1: McLaren and Red Bull could be the new face of motorsport in 2018

A new name is emerging in F1, with two drivers from McLaren and two from Red Bull set to compete for the World Championship title. 

The new name has been coined by the website F1.com which is a fan-run website which translates as “factory for the new”.

The site claims the name change will be a significant step forward in the history of the sport and the sport in general, and that it will give fans and viewers the chance to see how Formula 1’s new brands will change as the sport’s governing body attempts to change its identity. 

It’s a new direction for the sport, which was previously seen as the exclusive preserve of the rich and powerful, with the likes of Michael Schumacher and Valtteri Bottas being the only drivers to win the world title.

In an exclusive interview with F1.net, Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel and Red Bull’s Jenson Button have both indicated they are keen to make the leap to the top, and both believe their brand is already stronger than before.

“It’s interesting for us to see it’s happening because it’s very hard for people to get excited about F1 as a brand,” Button said.

“We’ve been talking about this for quite a while, and I think this is a really important step forward for the brand.”

“This change, which we have been discussing for a long time, we are really excited about.” 

“For us, it’s about making a leap and being able to showcase the best we can.” 

Button went on to say that the new name was a great opportunity for the fans, and was a sign of how much the brand is going to evolve.

“This is a great step forward,” Button added.

“This is what Formula 1 is all about and this is what we are doing.

It’s a big step forward, and we have a lot of good things to look forward to.”

Ferraros team principal Stefano Domenicali told the Italian media outlet Telegraph that the name changes were a sign that the sport needed to change as a whole.

“When we change, it is a sign, we want to show people that we are a very different brand,” Domenici said. 

“We want to bring the new people to the team, we don’t want to change the core. 

Fernando is the main driver in Formula 1, and the new brand has to represent the best of what Ferrari has been.”

So I think it’s important to change things up, because in this era, F1 has to change.

It has to become a brand that is more inclusive.” 

As a result, the new names will be used for the first time in the first race of the season, and are set to be the main targets for drivers to attack. 

They will also be used in the pre-season test, and will be announced as part of the new Formula One logo in 2018.”

They are exciting for the whole sport,” Button said.”

We can see the evolution of the brand and what the brand will become, so we have to do something to keep up with that.