When is the next MotoGP race?

We’re on the brink of another year of MotoGP action as the season gets underway with the first of three MotoGP races in China this weekend.

The first will be the Chinese Grand Prix on Friday night (AEST) and the second will be at the Circuit of the Americas on Saturday morning (AEDT).

It’s a big step for the series to get back to the sport’s roots with MotoGP.

But the biggest challenge will be to get the series back on track after it was forced to abandon the sport by the 2015 season due to a spate of crashes.

The MotoGP world championship is in shambles.

With just five races to go, the grid of the new-look championship is set to be filled by the likes of Rossi, Marc Marquez, Marc VDS, Andrea Dovizioso and Jenson Button, but the list of riders competing in the race has been drastically reduced.

The most promising riders in MotoGP are currently Valentino Rossi and Dani Pedrosa.

Rossi is still leading the championship and is the reigning MotoGP World Champion.

But he has been forced to miss most of the season due the withdrawal of Valentino Alberdi and the retirement of Andrea Dombrowski.

Dombrowki was on the podium at the first race in 2017, but is yet to race again.

Andrea Domenicali is the other promising rider in Moto4, and he has the opportunity to make a big comeback this weekend as he makes his first start for Yamaha in the World Superbike Championship.

But Marc Valsa is still on the pace and is racing for the second year in a row.

He is one of the leading riders in the series, but has only raced once before, the season finale in Qatar.

Valsas team-mate and World Champion Valentino Garbini is racing with his Ducati team, while Valentino Massa is battling with the Yamaha team.

Massa also has a big opportunity to return to MotoGP after his season was cut short by injury.

It is expected that Massa will return to the series this weekend but he could face a tough race.

The other riders in contention for the title are Rossi and Pedrosas team mates Dani Pedrozzini, Andrea Iannone and Andrea Iacopino.

I am sure that we will get a very competitive race.

And Valentino will be fighting for the championship again, as he has done in past years.

Dani Pedraza is the only rider who has not been forced out of the championship, and it is expected he will continue to be the mainstay of the team for the foreseeable future.

It’s going to be a very interesting race, one which will bring new faces into the MotoGP paddock and give some much needed confidence to the riders and riders.

The rest of the race will be very interesting to watch.

The new MotoGP chassis is set, but we still have to wait until the new cars are on the grid.

We will have to see how the new engine will perform and if the new bike will be as strong as we expected.

The bike will also be tested by a number of riders, and we will know more about how it compares to the current bikes.

The riders will also have to deal with the weather conditions.

I’m sure that it will be a tough weekend.