What is Fuji X-Pro2 Sport x Corinthians?

The latest version of the X-Series sports camera is the new X-PRO2 sport x package.

It’s the equivalent of a high-end X-series mirrorless camera with a 1.3-megapixel sensor and a lens with a focal length of f/1.7.

With that lens and sensor, the new Fuji XPRO2 sports package offers some improvements over the old model.

The XPRO 2 sports package has a 2.4-inch LCD touchscreen, which has improved colour accuracy compared to the previous model.

A 5MP sensor with a 2x optical zoom has been added, along with a new f/2.8 aperture.

The new XPRO 1 sports package also offers the same features as the previous models, but with a higher resolution sensor, higher megapixel count and a faster autofocus.

The biggest addition to the XPRO sports package is a new AF mode that allows you to adjust the sensitivity of the camera.

The aperture can be adjusted to get better exposure compensation and you can set the shutter speed manually, but the AF mode can be changed for even more control.

The camera has a built-in flash and an SD card slot.

There’s a dedicated flash button, but you can use a dedicated button to take a photo or take a video.

If you don’t need a dedicated camera button, you can also take a still photo or video.

The Fujifilm X-R5 sports package costs £1,999 (€1,099) in the UK and the Fujifus X-C2 sports model costs £4,999 in the US.

In terms of specs, the Fujilm cameras are similar to the older models.

They have the same 1.9-megapixels and 2-inch sensor, but now with a larger f/4 aperture and more advanced image stabilization.

There are some changes to the camera too.

There is now a front-facing camera with an f/8 aperture and dual LED flash, and a rear-facing flash with a f/5.6 aperture and f/11 lens.

There was also a new rear-focus lens for the X series, which offers a maximum of 0.8x magnification and a wide aperture of f8.3.

You can also select from an array of lenses for the Fujirimas.