Why the NFL is so terrible at football

When the Cleveland Browns hired former Miami Dolphins defensive coordinator Keith Butler to be their new head coach, it was expected that he would have a long-term vision for the franchise.

But the first two weeks of the season showed just how little Butler knew about football.

Instead of being able to get the ball down the field quickly, Butler had to rely on his receivers to make quick cuts to the football, or run with it out of bounds.

In a way, it seemed like Butler had a much easier time defending the pass than his predecessor, Tom Coughlin, because the Dolphins had a smaller roster.

When the Browns were down 10-0, Butler said in an interview with SI.com that the team’s quarterback, Josh McCown, “needed to take some time” to rest his feet and concentrate on his accuracy.

Butler said he felt McCown needed to “get back to a certain level of accuracy,” and the Browns went on to lose the game 14-3.

Butler has been fired by the Dolphins this week, according to ESPN.com, after three seasons.