‘Fantastic’ tennis star Rritchie Stewart wins tennis X-21 title

Tennis star Ritchie Stewart has won the title of best female tennis player at the International Tennis Federation’s X-Men series, beating the likes of Victoria Azarenka and Anastasia Samaras in a two-set match.

Stewart, who won the women’s doubles title at the Australian Open earlier this month, beat Samaras, 22, of Bulgaria, 6-3, 6 (6) 6, 6 in a six-set semifinal on Saturday at The Dell Tennis Centre in Sydney.

Steward, who was born in South Africa, has become a household name for her winning performances, including a bronze at Wimbledon earlier this year.

She also won the US Open title in February and the British Open in June.

Stewards main goal is to qualify for a major tournament and that goal is in danger after she was forced to withdraw from the women, men and mixed doubles grand slam tournaments due to injuries.

She is also battling a heart condition, which has kept her out of the men’s and women’s singles events.