Photos of the ‘extreme’ alpine sports in Yosemite’s Yosemite Valley

Photos of Yosemite’s Sierra Nevada range of mountains have been released by the National Park Service (NPS), revealing the range of landscapes that make up its extreme alpine parks.NPS’ National Park Photography Centre released the images, which were taken in the days following the catastrophic 2012 Tsunami and the subsequent closure of the range, to celebrate the upcoming 100th anniversary of the Park Service.

The photos, which have been shared widely on social media, include a view of the Yosemite Valley from the summit of Ypres, and images of the famous Alpine Meadows, an iconic peak that rises from the valley floor, with its towering granite peaks and narrow valley.

The images were captured in January 2013 when the NPS had its first National Park Photographic Centre in the area, and were taken from a remote base in the mountainside town of Point Reyes.

“The Yosemite Valley is known for its beauty, beauty of the landscape, the majesty of the alpine, and of course the beauty of nature itself,” NPS National Park Director Robert Hargrove said.

“These pictures are the result of some of the most extraordinary mountain landscapes we’ve ever had in Yosemite.

We are delighted to be able to share them with you in the form of a digital photo album, so that you can enjoy them without ever having to visit Yosemite.

This is a remarkable achievement for the Nps and is a tribute to our people and the hard work they put into creating these breathtaking pictures.”NPS National Parks photographers will also be able enjoy the opportunity to enjoy these pictures for themselves in their own homes, which will also benefit from the wealth of natural light and detail in the photographs.”

Photographers at the Npss have been able to create a series of images that have been displayed at various national parks across the US, including the Grand Canyon National Park, the Rocky Mountains National Park and Yellowstone National Park.