‘Proud to be an American’ as Trump vows to ‘make America great again’

NEW YORK — “It’s been an honor and a privilege to represent the United States of America in this country for over four decades,” President Donald Trump told a crowd of cheering supporters Friday evening.

“I’ve always believed we have a very special place in the world, and America is the great beacon of hope, opportunity and freedom.”

“It is a proud moment to be here to take on this great challenge that’s ahead of us,” Trump continued.

“And to be part of this great celebration of the American Dream.

I’m proud to be a American, to be proud to represent this great country, and to be so proud to live in the great state of New York City.”

Trump was at the Manhattan venue where the president was to hold his first rally of the campaign on Saturday.

The president’s remarks to the crowd were filled with the usual bluster and boisterous chants.

Trump repeatedly told the crowd that he is the greatest president ever.

“This is the first time in history that I’m not in charge of the executive branch,” Trump said, adding that he will take care of the country and his supporters.

“It will be a great administration.”

But when the president talked about the need to take the country back, he was met with loud boos.

“We are not going back,” Trump told the boos, which quickly broke out again.

Trump said he would use his executive powers to implement policies to restore America’s greatness.

He promised to create jobs, bring back jobs and restore the American dream.

“For the first and the last time, this country will be stronger than ever,” Trump declared.

“Our people will thrive again, our wealth will rise again, and we will all have a fair shot at the American dreams that were taken from us by those who were elected by the American people to take us back.”

“You will not believe what’s going to happen,” Trump promised.

“America is going to get back to its former greatness.”

“I am here to say it, it’s going too far,” Trump assured the crowd, adding, “It may not be right yet, but we are going to be back.”

The crowd chanted back, “USA!” to which Trump responded, “Thank you!”

The crowd was in the midst of a weeklong celebration of American Independence Day that began at the National Mall on Saturday and was capped by the inauguration of President Donald J. Trump on the Mall.

“Today we are celebrating the greatness of the great country of the United