How to get your Irish citizenship

It’s a question that has been on the minds of many Irish citizens as they consider whether to apply for Irish citizenship.

The question, if they are to be granted Irish citizenship, is to do so under a particular category of laws, called ‘sport’.

These include sport, which means you are either playing or participating in a sporting activity.

The Irish government says that this category of sports is restricted to those who are at least 18 years of age and hold a passport.

But there are others, including some in the entertainment and media sectors, who say they would not be entitled to Irish citizenship because of a number of factors.

For example, they say there is no provision for those who work in the arts and entertainment industry.

The government has acknowledged that there are many who work or live outside the Irish Republic and who would be excluded.

And it is also recognised that there may be people who are not Irish citizens but who are citizens of other countries.

But for the majority of those seeking Irish citizenship under sport, the only eligibility criteria are to have been born in the Republic.

The category of sport can include the Olympic Games, the Paralympics, a variety of sporting events, as well as those in the sporting fraternity.

There are exemptions for those whose parents are citizens and have not yet taken a citizenship test.

It is also possible to be a non-resident of the Republic, meaning that you have been living outside the country for a number and a half years.

In practice, it is very difficult for those seeking citizenship to obtain this status.

The issue of citizenship is particularly fraught in the case of Irish nationals who have lived outside the Republic for years.

The citizenship of these people can be very complex, particularly for those wanting to apply under the ‘sporting’ category of citizenship.

For instance, someone born in Ireland and who has been living in another country for at least one year before applying for Irish nationality would not qualify for Irish passport.

Furthermore, the application process would be very time-consuming, as there are no specific steps that are required in the application.

The Government has said that it is considering options to address the issues that exist, but until then, many Irish nationals are considering whether to do the right thing and apply for citizenship under the sport category.