Facebook to start offering live streaming of NFL games as it grows in popularity

Facebook is expanding live streaming for NFL games to its users and will start offering the service this season.

The company announced Thursday that it will start allowing users to stream the NFL games that they like, and it’s also allowing them to stream games from others.

That will expand to include games from its partner sports networks.

This is Facebook’s first live streaming service, the company said in a statement, and the announcement came a day after the company announced it was expanding its sports video network, NFL Live, to include more live streams.

“We’re thrilled to be adding live streaming to NFL games this season,” the statement said.

“The number of people who use the app is growing rapidly and we’re happy to be making it easier to watch all of the great games that we’ve covered this year.”

The NFL Network will offer live streaming on its app, the statement added.

The company also added that fans can also stream games via the app.

In addition to NFL live streams, the NFL also will stream live games from CBS Sports, NBC Sports Network, FOX Sports and NBC Sports Live Extra, the release said.