Australia beat China to win World Cup-clinching title

Posted September 07, 2019 13:16:47Australia won the World Cup by beating China 4-2 on Thursday, taking the top spot in Group D and securing the first ever medal in the tournament for the Australian women’s soccer team.

The victory has the team firmly in the hunt for a spot in next year’s World Cup and will cement the nation’s place as one of the biggest sports markets in the world.

The first time Australia beat the Chinese was in the semifinals of the 2012 tournament in Brazil, a game that was decided by the final whistle.

The Australians won the match 4-1, while China took the other four games.

The win is a great day for Australian women.

It was the most important win for the women’s game, which has been struggling to make inroads on the international stage in recent years.

The team has been playing in the lower tiers of Australian soccer, which is something Australia’s players, coaches and supporters have been demanding of the Socceroos for years.

In this instance, Australia proved that it could beat China and take the crown.

Australia’s women have dominated in the Asian soccer tournament, winning a record six titles.

The Australian women are one of only three teams to win three titles in the men’s game.

The other two are the United States and Germany.

The women have won the Asian championship three times.

The women’s national team was supposed to be the big prize, but after a disappointing first half of the World Series, the Aussies are now looking to build on the success they enjoyed in the past two World Cups.

Australia will host the final in Australia next year, which means it will have a huge opportunity to qualify for next year and beyond.

The Women’s World Championship is scheduled for 2019.

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