How to invest in the AFL season – and how to win the jackpot

Aussie sports fans can’t help but get excited about the prospect of the new season.

The NRL is still very much alive and kicking and the AFL is yet to even hit the market.

But the two sports are just beginning to develop and it’s going to be exciting to see where the two leagues go in the coming months. 

The AFL is the biggest sports league in Australia, having won 11 of its 15 premierships in recent times, and its first season in 2018 will be the biggest yet.

The AFL’s main draw is the popularity of the sport and the growing interest in it among a broad group of people, but its biggest challenge is finding the right players to win a premiership.

The new AFL season starts on May 2 and the teams will compete against each other for premiership points, a prize that is only awarded once every five years. 

With a number of high-profile players leaving for other clubs and the game in general in a state of flux, the AFL will be a difficult place to be for fans. 

To help guide the AFL through the pre-season, here’s a look at the top-rated players in the competition so far this season, with their ranking based on how many wins they’ve earned, how many games they’ve played, and their current position on the ladder.


Sam Jacobs (Gold Coast Suns) 2.

Michael Barlow (Essendon Bombers) 3.

Jake Lever (Gold Western Bulldogs) 4.

Jarrad Waite (Melbourne Cats) 5.

Liam Duggan (GWS Giants) 6.

James Gwilt (Geelong Cats) 7.

Jordan Roughead (West Coast Eagles) 8.

Michael Hibberd (North Melbourne) 9.

Dylan Shiel (Port Adelaide) 10.

Michael Firrito (Hawthorn) 11.

Matthew Lloyd (Ess) 12.

Jake Lloyd (St Kilda) 13.

Sam Kelly (North Adelaide) 14.

Michael Murphy (Haw) 15.

David Swallow (Giants) 16.

James Sicily (Ess/North Melbourne/Hawthorne) 17.

Liam Knight (Geelers) 18.

Jarryd Lyons (StKilda) 19.

Daniel Rich (Richmond) 20.

Josh Schache (Western Bulldogs) 21.

Nathan Brown (Carlton) 22.

Ben McGlynn (Stanton/Essendon) 23.

Nick Dal Santo (Carlston) 24.

Patrick Dangerfield (Greens) 25.

Travis Cloke (Haw)* 26.

Luke McDonald (Geoffrey Dockery) 27.

David Mundy (Carlos Westwood) 28.

Cameron Guthrie (Geels) 29.

Jack Steven (Giant) 30.

Mitch Duncan (Melb) 31.

Sam Gibson (Stirling) 32.

Josh Jenkins (Gold) 33.

Joel Selwood (North) 34.

Liam Shiels (Gremio) 35.

Jake Mamo (Gosport) 36.

Sam Lloyd (Carlisle) 37.

Matthew Boyd (Western) 38.

Caleb Daniel (St Mary’s) 39.

Josh Kennedy (Haw*) 40.

Sam Mitchell (Western)* 41.

Josh Kelly (Carlbourne) 42.

Jake Carlisle (Western*) 43.

Nathan Schoenmakers (Geppsons) 44.

Jack Grimes (Ess)* 45.

Nathan White (Gold)* 46.

Liam Sumner (HawG) 47.

Michael Hurley (Gippsland Bears) 48.

Jake Kelly (Melville) 49.

Josh Morris (Gillard) 50.

Josh Butler (Gill) 51.

Tom Scully (Western*) 52.

Cameron Wills (Guns) 53.

Jacob Townsend (Carl) 54.

Sam Docherty (Guildford) 55.

Dylan Grimes (Gummers) 56.

Jordan Murdoch (Melcastle) 57.

Jacob Rioli (Carl)* 58.

Caleb Marchbank (North)* 59.

David Astbury (Melburn)* 60.

Luke Dahlhaus (Haw/Port Adelaide)* 61.

Jake Neade (Gold *) 62.

Liam Picken (Melvion) 63.

Josh Coughlan (North Gipps) 64.

Caleb Heaps (NorthGipp)* 65.

Tom Bellchambers (North*)* 66.

Michael McDonald (Western *) 67.

James Hird (North*) 68.

Nick Bowen (Melvil)* 69.

Josh Saunders (North West) 70.

Caleb Smith (Gills) 71.

Nathan Buckley (NorthWest) 72.

Caleb Scott (WesternG)* 73.

David Cripps (Port)* 74.

Matt White (West) 75.

Mitch Honeychurch (West*) 76.

James Kelly (Gibraltar) 77.

Jake Stringer (NorthEast) 78.

Liam McManus (Gumbys)* 79.

Liam Wilson (North East)* 80.

Ryan Crowley (Northwest)* 81.