India to have the fastest internet speed in the world in 2017-18

The Indian government has said that the country will be one of the fastest in the developing world to reach the internet speed of the world’s 1.25 billion people by 2021.

The announcement comes amid increasing scrutiny on the country’s internet connectivity and speed.

A number of reports have shown that the nation’s internet speed was also slower than other countries such as China, Pakistan and South Africa, which were able to reach speeds of 100Mbps and 150Mbps in 2017, respectively.

According to the Ministry of IT, the speed of India’s broadband network will increase by more than 50 percent to 1.5 terabits per second (Tbps) by 2021 from 1.1 Tbps in 2018.

India will also set up the countrys first national fiber optic cable network, according to the ministry.

The cable will link India’s towns and cities to the rest of the country and connect with all the country, the ministry said.

The ministry also announced a new central website called ‘Citizens Information Centre’, which will be used to help citizens get the latest information.

The government is also planning to introduce digital literacy education for schools.