French Tour de France organisers want to expand to 2024

French Tour of France organisers have asked the French government for permission to expand their event to 2024, which would give the French race an added dimension.

The organizers have written to France’s Ministry of Culture and Sports (MOACS) asking for permission for the 2020 race to be relocated from Paris to the northern city of Bordeaux.

The event, which is scheduled for October 20-21, will take place between the French Alps and the Bayonne Peninsula.

It would have been the second time that the event had been held in Bordeux, which sits close to the French border.

The Bordeau-based Biodesign, a French sports agency, has submitted a proposal for a 2024 event in the southern city of Marseille.

The move would see the event take place in the heart of Marseilles, a historic city which has been home to Marseille for more than three centuries.

The French capital was the home to the first modern Olympic Games, which were held in 1896.