Nike’s newest model hits the shelves in August

The Nike Sportswear line continues to roll out its latest line of shoes for men, women and children in August, with the launch of the Nike Sport SW4 Elite.

Available exclusively at select Nike stores nationwide, the new Nike Sport Sw4 Elite will be available exclusively at Target stores on August 18, and in select Nike boutiques, starting August 29.

The new model is made for active men, and features a lightweight, breathable, mesh upper that offers protection from both wind and the elements.

The shoe features a full-grain leather upper, along with mesh tongue that adds to its protection.

Available in both men’s and women’s versions, the Nike Sw4 elite features an ankle strap, while the Sportswears men’s version features a knee strap.

The Nike Sw 4 Elite is available in both white and black and comes in three colors: silver, black and navy.

The black version is also available in white, but is only available for women’s.

The Sportswares men’s model is available exclusively in women’s sizes, and is available on a men’s size 8.