Why the Ford X-Sport Hybrid is so good for the cross-country race track

When it comes to the Ford Focus, the hybrid model isn’t the best on the block.

Ford has built its Focus lineup around a few of the best hybrid-electric sports cars on the market.

But the Focus X-Sport Hybrid is a different beast.

The car is a full-on hybrid.

It is a race car that can run in any weather and the hybrid powertrain is an option for both cars.

But its a bit of a shame that Ford’s X-Sports hybrid isn’t up to the task of getting up to speed on the world’s most demanding tracks.

Ford’s Focus Hybrid is the most impressive car on the showroom floor, and it has an electrically-powered, full-sized SUV on its tail.

Ford Focus XSport Hybrid review: How good is it?

It’s got the most powerful, most luxurious car you’ll ever see on the racetrack The Focus X Sport Hybrid is powered by a 1.8-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine that produces 248 horsepower and 257 pound-feet of torque.

The X Sport’s powertrain produces up to 500 kilowatts of electric power.

The vehicle can go 0-60 in 6.4 seconds.

It has a top speed of 217 miles per hour, and its top speed during acceleration is 217 mph.

Its top speed in an autocross race is a whopping 194 mph.

It also has a 7.0-second top speed, which is actually quicker than the average Ford Focus Hybrid sedan.

But you can’t get much better than that.

In the rain, you can expect a top-notch ride, and you won’t have to worry about it crashing.

The Focus hybrid’s six-speed manual transmission is equipped with a six-piston Brembo brakes, and Ford says the car’s rear differential is rated at 20/39.4/30 percent compression.

It’s equipped with an 18-inch front wheel, a 17-inch rear wheel, and an 11.7-inch all-wheel drive (AWD) system.

There’s also a six percent differential, so the Focus Hybrid can be rated as a three-wheeler.

The engine’s output is rated for 125 horsepower, which makes it the most potent hybrid on the track.

Its twin-turbo V6 is paired to a seven-speed dual clutch transmission, and the car is rated to go from 0-62 mph in 4.6 seconds.

The Ford Focus hybrid can also get to a top speeds of 220 mph, which means it can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in less than 3.6 minutes.

Its 0-70 mph time is just over 3.5 seconds, and in an average drag race, the car can go from zero to 60 in just over 4.7 seconds.

We’re not just talking about the Focus hybrid driving speed here either.

The SUV can reach top speeds in excess of 270 mph.

This means the Focus x Sport Hybrid can accelerate to 60mph in just under 5 seconds.

And because the Focus is a hybrid, it has the most power of any car on a track.

In a drag race where the Focus car is paired with an AWD setup, the Focus’ total combined power is up to 600 horsepower.

That means the hybrid can go 265 mph in 6 seconds.

So that’s pretty damn good.

But there’s a catch.

It doesn’t have an option to go the whole hog on the hybrid.

The Fusion, which has the highest power output in a hybrid vehicle, only has the option to get up to 400 horsepower, or up to a whopping 665 horsepower.

It may not sound like much, but it’s a massive amount of power.

For comparison, the best hybrids on the street have an output of between 200 and 275 horsepower.

The best hybrid in the world has the power to go all the way to 600 hp.

So the Fusion is not the best option for a drag racing track.

But it is good enough for the average drag racer.

That’s a big deal because Ford has been pushing for its Focus Hybrid to be a real sports car for a long time.

The automaker has been running a series of drag races with the Fusion for more than a decade now.

The first event was the Detroit Auto Show back in 2007.

The last event, held in 2019, featured a race between a Ford Fusion Hybrid and a Chevrolet Camaro.

Ford Fusion hybrid: Is it the ultimate sports car?

It certainly looks like it.

But what the Fusion Hybrid has over the Camaro is a powerful turbocharged V6.

This turbo is paired directly to a six cylinder, four-stroke, direct-injected V8.

The V6 has a power output of 450 horsepower and 600 lb-ft of torque, making it a powerplant capable of putting out a whopping 550