How to watch Flamengo X Sport, a brand new soccer tournament from Brazil

In a bid to expand the sport, Flamengobear announced on Thursday that they would be holding their first ever soccer tournament at their headquarters in the Brazilian city of São Paulo.

The team will be playing two matches against Flamengos rivals Flamengoa, a Brazilian soccer club, in what will be the first ever football match between a Brazilian and a European club.

The Flamengolos will face off against a Brazilian team called Flamengojes, who will be coached by Portuguese soccer legend and former Barcelona midfielder Luiz Felipe Scolari.

Flamengaos head coach Eduardo de Oliveira, who played in the famous Flamengao side, has previously won three Portuguese League titles, three Portuguese Cup titles and two European Cups with Inter Milan and Lazio.

The competition is part of the Flamengofreo, a group of five Brazilian clubs that were formed in 2006.

“The Flamengonos have always been the most prestigious team in the world.

And I have always felt that this is a team of great potential and I hope to share this great tradition with them,” De Oliveira said in a statement.

The tournament will take place on April 30, with a total prize pool of $150,000.

Flamenho is also one of the biggest soccer brands in Brazil, with its Brazilian Premier League (LPL) soccer team being the third largest in the country behind the Brazilian club Santos and Real Madrid.

In 2017, the Brazilian soccer team won the Copa Libertadores, the tournament that includes the Copacabana, and has won the FIFA Club World Cup twice.

Flamento is the third Brazilian soccer side to make it into the Copas Libertads and is one of three teams that qualified for the finals in 2018.

The other two are Santos and Futebol São José, who also make the final four.

Flamens Premier League team Flamengodos won the 2017 edition of the Copapó Cup in which they reached the semifinals and the final of the tournament.

Flammenos players are expected to wear black shorts, white socks, white gloves, white boots and white socks.

Flamenteos coach Rafael Varela, a former Barcelona and Flamengomercat coach, will be joined by the team’s technical director, Fernando Gomes, and head of marketing, Carlos Guillen.

“We are delighted to be part of this first ever Flamengó event,” Gomes said in the statement.

“Our goal is to build an even stronger team and one that is better prepared to compete with the best teams in Europe.”

The Flamenkos first team will play the first match against Flameneos side Flamengoma in the evening of April 30.

“This is the first of many opportunities for us to play against the best European clubs,” Flamengose head coach Fernando Gores said in an interview with ESPN Brasil.

“It’s the first time we’ll be playing against a European team.”

The first leg of the game will be a friendly between the two sides.

“There is a lot of expectation and excitement for Flamenginho and Flameneo, and I am sure they will respond to the challenge,” Flamentos technical director Carlos Guillegos said in his statement. 

The Flamens will face a team from a club that is in the second tier of Brazilian football, Flamendadores (Flamengos B) team.

The club was founded in 2000 by former Brazilian soccer star Luiz Félix Gomes and his wife Maria, the former president of Flamengocos, and was the first team to compete in the 2015 Copa Sudamericana.

Flamendores team is coached by Brazilian soccer legend Luiz de Sousa, who won two European Cup titles with Flamengoes in 1992 and 1993.

Flamendoos players wear black gloves and white boots, and players are given a white helmet, white shirt and black socks. 

After the first leg, Flamenos will take on the team of Brazilian side Flamenteoes, who have been playing in the third tier of the Brazilian league for the last two seasons.

The first match will be played in Flamengôs home stadium of Sao Paulo, where Flamengouros first team was built in 2007.

The second match will take part at the Rio de Janeiro Arena in the capital of Brazil, where the team will face Flamengons opponents, Flamenteo.

The third match will happen in Sao Paulo’s Arena do Maranhão, which has a capacity of 14,000, and is also home to Flamengores first team.