How to make a sports gun from an old box of golf balls

With a good-looking, reliable ball, a ball that can hit holes up to 150 feet, and a hole-in-one, you’ve got your answer to any golfer’s dream.

But when it comes to making a sports firearm, you need to start with a box of balls.

There are several manufacturers of golf ball ammo, including the venerable Ballistix and Ballistron.

But these companies aren’t exactly household names in the golf industry, as evidenced by their lack of presence on golf’s biggest circuit.

That’s why when we reached out to Ballistion to get a rundown on its latest product, we found a company with an eye on the big leagues that’s also interested in helping make golf a safer, more enjoyable game.

Ballistion Sports Ammo’s first foray into the sport came in the form of its first ball, the Mavy X Sportear, which has become an award-winning golf ball.

Like all of the company’s golf balls, it’s made with a special combination of materials that allow for high-velocity flight, a soft, supple core, and high-quality construction.

The Balliston X-Sportear is a slightly larger ball, which can hold 10,000 shots per case, while the Mavic X-Sportear is 8,000-shot-per-case, but it still has the ability to hit holes 150 feet away.

Ballistions latest ball has a unique feature, however.

It’s a bullet-proof polymer construction that makes it virtually impossible to break.

We’re not saying that it won’t fail, but its impact is limited, and it’s not something that Ballistrons most-recent product, the Ballistax X-10, can offer.

The Mavics latest ball, however, will be available for the first time on March 8th.

The company will sell the ball in 10-, 15-, and 20-shot increments, and its price will be $299.99.

Ballists latest product is based on the same Ballistone design as its previous golf ball, but the Ballista X-11, the company said, has a new design.

Thats why it’s called the MAVIC X-12, and that’s a 10-shot ball with a higher velocity than the previous Mavical, which had a range of 800 yards.

The Ballistact X-13 has a longer range, and has the same bullet-absorbing properties as the previous ball.

But the Ballistas new ball has one unique feature that Ballista’s previous balls have: a bulletproof core.

The core of the Maverick X-14 will have a weight of 10.8 ounces and a muzzle velocity of about 2,500 feet per second.

Ballista also announced that it will start shipping the new Mavicon X-15, which it describes as the most durable, ball in its lineup.

But Ballistons newest ball is going to be the Mavi X-16, which will be the first Mavica product with a longer flight range and a more durable bullet.

The Mavicas newest ball, called the Ballistic X-17, will feature a ballistic coefficient of 100, which is higher than its predecessor’s ball.

The ball will be sold for $299 and will have an estimated retail price of $349.99 when it hits the market.

We’ve seen the Ballicams first ball hit the golf course.

It landed on the 18th green, which would have been the hole on which the last Mavial failed to hit.

Ballistic made the ball from scratch, using the same ball and core as its other ball, and the ball is designed to be more reliable and withstand the impact of a golfer hitting it.

The new BallistaX-18 ball, in contrast, is the most expensive of Ballist’s products.

It is the first ball that Ballistas can ship to the public and will be priced at $349 and will sell for $349 when it reaches the golf market.

That price will also include the option of getting a lifetime warranty on the Ballister X-18.

Ballists newest ball will hit the fairways in March.

Ballistar’s Ballistx is the company that has been making golf balls for over a century, and now its up to Ballista to bring the technology to the masses.

Ballister is the only company in the world to have its ball in the hands of every golfer on the planet.

Ballista is not only making golf ball technology accessible to the sports world, but to the world’s largest sporting events as well.

Ballistas newest product, BallistiaX-17 and Ballista x-17 are the first two balls to launch into the tournament stage.

Both of these balls are rated at up to 8,500