When a man dies, he will go on to enjoy the life he chose

When a person dies, they can be cremated.

But for those who are still alive and still living, they may not be allowed to enjoy this life as they wished.

A special section of the Supreme Court, however, has been asked to rule on this issue.

Justice J Chelameswar said the matter was important to have this important rule framed and that there are cases where people are still living in their old age.

He asked the bench to give an undertaking that people who have passed away may not enjoy their old-age pension or other benefits for life.

“It is also to be noted that a person who has died may still receive his pension from the state,” Justice Chelameswara said, referring to the pension scheme established for deceased people.

A senior lawyer representing the petitioner, N Chandrababu Naidu, said the issue was of vital importance to the life of the petitioner.

He had filed the petition seeking an interim order on the issue, but the bench had told the court that he could not move for an interim hearing as he was not a competent person to decide the issue.

The apex court has also asked the state government to file its reply to the petition by March 18.

The petitioner had moved the Supreme Courts seeking an order on an order by the high court in March last year that said that the pension of those who died as a result of natural causes, such as drowning or natural causes of death, could not be taken for life as long as the deceased was alive.

The state government had earlier said that such pension schemes would not be scrapped for those still alive.

However, Justice Cheladeswar said that it was clear that the petitioner did not understand the difference between natural causes and deaths caused by natural causes.