Nike x Sport launch with Nike+ ‘Racing Sense’ video

Nike and Sport are launching a new “Racing Sensitivity” video series with the introduction of “Racism in Sport” which will feature videos of athletes from across the world, including US football players, from the 2016 US Open tennis championship.

The series will be available through Sport and Nike+ stores starting today, and will be powered by “RaceSense,” Nike’s new video analytics platform that provides more contextual data and insights about the sport and athlete.

The videos will feature athletes from around the world participating in a series of competitions in their native languages that will also include a race and a video of the athlete.

In the US, athletes are expected to compete in the women’s 400 meters in front of a live audience, followed by a 200 meter dash, then a 200-meter final.

“We want to bring together athletes from different sports and cultures, from different races, to celebrate and celebrate the diversity of our sport,” said Nike President and CEO Mark Parker in a statement.

“We are proud to be part of this new initiative to bring athletes together around the globe.”

The first series, titled “Races, Racism and Racism in Sports,” will feature a number of world-class athletes, including American tennis great Venus Williams and British runner and former Olympian Sam Snead.

Nike will also present the footage and other information that are available via the RaceSense platform.

In the video, which will be hosted by Nike+’s Sports Video department, athletes from the US Open will participate in a relay race in front a live, global audience.

The event is part of the USOC Women’s Open in March and will feature the US team competing in the men’s 100 meters race.

Venus Williams and Sam Sneade.

Getty Images”The ‘Racisms in Sport’ series celebrates the diversity in our sport and athletes in order to show the world how athletes across all sports have to deal with the consequences of racism in their communities,” Parker said.

“It’s a step forward for athletes and a welcome one for us as we work together to tackle this issue head on.”

The video series will also showcase athletes from other sports from around Europe and beyond, including Russian tennis star Maria Sharapova, Russian swimmer Anna Kournikova, French rider Marion Marechal-Lagrave, Brazilian sprinter Alberto Contador and American swimmer Emma Johansson.

Nike has previously released videos highlighting racial discrimination in sports including the NBA’s “Championship Race” in 2016 and the NFL’s “The Decision” in 2018.

Nikes “Racial Insights” team also includes US professional football players such as Jason Taylor, the NFL defensive lineman who was suspended after he posted a picture of himself in a hoodie with the words “Black Lives Matter.”

Taylor later apologized for the tweet and the team is now focused on its “Racist in Sport Series,” which will include a series with athletes from each sports category.

“Our goal is to bring you the best stories and facts about racism in sports to inspire you and others to take action to end racism in our communities,” said a Nike spokesperson in a press release.

“These videos will provide a great platform to highlight the impact of racism, which is a very real issue in our world today.”

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