Toshiba xSport hd model number ‘HW8C’ with 8GB DDR3 RAM, 128GB SSD and 1TB HDD

Toshiba is launching the xSport HD with a whopping 128GB of storage, including a 1TB SSD and a 2TB HDD.

This new model is a direct replacement for the xC Sport model that launched in September last year, which launched with the same 8GB of RAM as the xS Sport model.

The xSport model ships with 512GB of onboard memory, which is a significant upgrade from the 256GB offered in the original xC model.

It also supports 256GB SSDs, which are the standard storage option in today’s xC models.

While we’ve seen the xc model in the past with a 128GB RAM upgrade, this is the first model to be powered by a 256GB model, and it does so at a price tag of $399.

The SSD is not as fast as the 256 GB model, but Toshiba has not yet announced the price of the new 512GB model. 

The company has also launched the xT Sport HD with 1TB of storage.

This model is also a direct successor to the xSports model, which also launched with 512MB of RAM and 512GB SSD.

The xTSport model is $999 and is also powered by 256GB of memory, but it is not compatible with 256GB models.

It will be released in August.