X-Sport membershub cancelled due to ‘cancellation of membership’

X-sports has announced that it has cancelled its membership for several weeks, citing the ongoing closure of its X-Sport website.

X-Sports said in a statement on its website that the company was “concerned” about the “possible loss of some of our members’ online experience”.

X-sports said that “as a result of our decision, we are currently unable to provide any of our existing X-Fans with new X-Fan Membership options, and will therefore no longer offer any.”

The news comes after the launch of the new X Sports app earlier this month.

The company said that it would be working with X-Soccer, the official football competition in China, and X-Mens, the male-only men’s sports website.

It added that it is “working with X Sport and other relevant parties to provide an alternative service that will not be subject to the closure of X-soccer and X sports”.

X Sports is not the only company to have had issues with its X fan membership, which was cancelled by the X-Cup earlier this year.

XSport, the men’s league in China’s premier league, said it was cancelling its membership after the event’s organisers did not pay a monthly fee.

X Sport said in the statement that it had “considered all possible options to ensure that the X Sport platform would continue to be available to its members”.

“However, given that we have no longer been able to provide a reasonable solution, we decided to cancel our membership for a short period of time,” it added.