Why Nike Is Making a Football Jerseys for the Next Generation

New Nike shoes are the next generation for sneakerheads.

This year’s Nike Air Max 90, for example, comes in a range of styles with the brand’s most iconic colors of red, yellow, blue and white.

This week, the sneaker brand unveiled its new football kit for the 2018-2019 season.

The kit is based on Nike’s new footballs, which have a lighter color and a longer sleeve, but the new kit will also feature a new crest on the front, a design that’s similar to the ones worn on the Nike Air Force 1, which is the brand-new football kit that Nike introduced last year.

The new football kits are a departure for Nike, which has historically produced a range with a single design for its current NFL players.

The company is also changing how it releases its football kits, in hopes of keeping players on the field longer and keeping the sport in the spotlight.

In a recent interview with ESPN, Nike executive vice president of global marketing and communications, Brian B. Brown, said the company has decided to focus on producing a more unique football kit each year.

Nike also is launching a new sports apparel line that includes a Nike Air Boost 2 and Nike Air Zoom 2 running shoes, as well as Nike Air Power 1 running shoes.

Nike has also expanded its basketball lineup with the release of a pair of Nike Air Jordan 1s and the release in the US of Nike LeBron James 2s.

The Nike Air Premier series has also made waves this year.

As we previously reported, the new Nike Air Ultra is designed to be more “premium,” with the addition of leather and reflective stripes to the design.

Nike’s other signature color for its footballs is the Nike Zoom Air, which was created to represent the company’s “global community” of Nike+ athletes.

The Zoom Air also features an on-demand, 24-hour service for its Nike+ members, making it the first sports shoe to offer this service.

Nike, meanwhile, is also making a comeback with the new Air Max X sneakers, which were designed for the next level of elite performance and the ultimate athlete.

This is the first time the company is releasing a basketball kit in 2018, and it’s the first Nike shoe with a dual-layered collar, instead of the traditional single-layering collar.

The shoes also feature the new Zoom Air 3, which Nike hopes will be able to bring the Nike+ community closer together.

The Air Max shoes are available now at Nike+ retail stores, and they will be available on the sneakers online and at Nike.com starting Friday, April 15, in the United States and Canada.