What you need to know about the Brazilian X-Games title

The Brazilian X Games are an international competition for athletes in a wide range of sports and physical abilities.

It’s an annual event held in Rio de Janeiro and takes place from June to September.

The tournament is being held in a new format with a different format than the previous edition.

Instead of having four days of racing and a qualifying round, the next three days are being held indoors and the final day will be on the beach.

The X Games is a series of events that include competitions in various sports and disciplines, as well as the men’s and women’s track and field events.

There are five events scheduled for Rio this year, which will include four men’s events and four women’s events.

For the first time, the Rio X Games will feature an outdoor event.

The first day will feature a 400-meter individual medley race, while the men will compete in the 100-meter hurdles.

The women’s 400-m hurdles has been moved indoors.

It will take place on the second day and will take two hours, 30 minutes to complete.

The women’s men’s hurdles will take part in the 400- and 400-metre hurdles.

The men’s men will participate in the 200-meter, 100-metres and 200-meters events.

In the men and women events, the men are expected to finish in first and second place, respectively, while in the women’s event, the top two finishers will advance to the next round.