The Kings are in control of their own destiny and the way to win is by playing the right way.

As much as the rest of the league is struggling to get out of the slump they are in right now, the Kings are doing everything they can to stay on the right track.

It’s not that they are perfect, they’re not.

The Kings have won the last five meetings and are in the middle of a stretch that includes back-to-back road wins over the Penguins and Blackhawks.

Their current record of 9-3-2 is better than the Kings’ record of 6-8-1, but it’s not quite as good as the Kings were in 2014-15, when they won their first eight games.

They have lost four of their last five, including the last four by at least a goal.

The Kings are getting the better of the Blackhawks in the first two games of their homestand.

Both teams are playing with more confidence than they did last year, which is something the Kings hope will translate into wins in those games.

The Blackhawks are still coming off their best-of-seven series with the Sharks, but they are losing their two best players in Jonathan Toews and Duncan Keith, who have been sidelined with injuries.

Both teams have their best chances to win now.

The Penguins have had a lot of problems in the past few weeks, but the Blackhawks seem to have figured it out.

They’ve scored more goals in four of the past five games than the Sharks have and are allowing fewer goals than they had last year.

The Ducks and Stars have a chance to get their legs back, too.

The Stars have gone 4-0-1 since the start of May, including a 3-0 sweep of the Islanders.

They’ve won two straight and have a win streak of six games.

The Ducks are in a similar position, having won two of three, but have a five-game losing streak.

The Oilers, Sabres and Flyers have all been outscored at home, but Edmonton is playing better than they were last year in the paint.

They’re winning a lot and looking like the team to beat.

They have a few games to come.

The Kings have an uphill climb to get to 10 wins, but if they can get the bounces, the Ducks will have a tough fight to keep their playoff hopes alive.

The Sharks, Stars and Ducks are going to have to fight their way back.