‘It’s a big year for me’: Olympic champ Santo x sports,model x sport

Santo XS sports are launching a new line of sports equipment, including an all-in-one indoor and outdoor track.

The line is named Santo Sports.

The new Santo Sport X-Sport, is made of high-performance foam and carbon fiber and is designed for use in the Olympic Games.

The Santo team said Santo had created the new Santos X Sport to complement the existing Santos track and field and track and swim equipment.

Santo’s team will introduce the Santos Sport X at the 2018 Olympics in Tokyo and Rio de Janeiro.

It will be available in four colours: white, blue, yellow and pink.

The sports equipment was developed by Santo for the track and swimming competitions in Rio and will be the company’s first outdoor track and pool equipment.

The brand’s first track and indoor track and the track pool were unveiled at the Olympic games in 2020 and the Rio and Tokyo Games respectively.

It’s part of a trend by the Italian brand that has seen the introduction of new indoor and indoor swimming equipment.