A few thoughts on the Super Bowl XLIX win

I have been writing about the Superbowl XLIX since the Super Tuesday game against the New York Jets.

I had written before that I was “shocked” by how the game ended in the way it did.

I didn’t think the New England Patriots would pull off a win.

I was wrong.

After watching the Patriots lose the next two games, I realized it was not only a loss but a game that should have been decided by one play.

I thought Tom Brady was done.

I knew he was coming off a season that was not the best of his career.

I could tell by his attitude that he did not want to be the one who made it to the end.

I saw how his wife, Danielle, and daughter, Madison, looked at him after the game, and I knew they had a lot to look forward to.

It was a tough time.

I went back and forth with myself and with my wife about how I felt.

I wanted to make sure I was still doing the right thing, and that I still had a job and family to support.

I also had to deal with how the Patriots’ fans reacted.

I remember seeing one guy throw a bottle of wine onto the field.

I did not know what the bottle was.

I do not think he was drunk, but he was throwing the bottle, and it hit the turf.

It looked like it hit him.

I felt bad for him and my wife, who were also watching the game.

They looked at each other and I thought, “Whoa, what are you doing?

You’re throwing the wine.”

I have a soft spot for the Patriots, and the team and its fans.

I know what it feels like to lose, and they are good at giving back.

I think there are people who have the right to boo the team, but there are others who feel the same way.

I have seen so many fans booing after the Patriots have lost and have their season ruined, so I think I have lost a lot of respect for people.

That’s why I do my best to keep my emotions in check, and try to understand what’s happening.

I don’t think that is the right way to handle a situation like that.

I am still angry with myself for not being more decisive.

I can’t take that anger out on the fans.

They should be angry at themselves for not making a different decision.

I’m not going to say it’s not a game, but I feel like that one play could have gone either way.

The Patriots did a great job of controlling the clock and keeping the clock on their side.

They also had a solid defensive game plan.

They did a good job of playing defense.

They didn’t play the ball too much, and their defense was a bit predictable.

I just wanted to see the Patriots play better.

The New England defense was really solid.

I watched the film of the game and saw that Brady was still getting pressure on quarterback Tom Brady.

I got so frustrated and I said, “Tom Brady, if you throw that ball to the running back, I’m going to make a play.”

I thought he was going to be sacked, and instead of throwing the ball to a running back that’s not what I want to see.

He made a nice catch.

I told my wife I had seen it happen before, and she said,