‘I think I’ve never been in a game like this’: Giants quarterback Eli Manning on ‘the worst game ever’

Eli Manning, the San Francisco 49ers quarterback who won the 2016 NFL MVP award, said Sunday that he thinks he hasn’t ever been in one as bad as the game between the Atlanta Falcons and the Giants in Week 17.

Manning said he thinks “we got the worst game we’ve ever played.”

“It was probably the worst ever,” Manning said on ESPN’s “Mike & Mike.”

“I’m sure it was a really bad game, I mean, the way they came at us, the whole thing,” he said.

“The way they put pressure on us, they did everything we could not to get out of bounds, we were trying to get off the field, but it was just so frustrating.”

The Falcons, who were the defending Super Bowl champions, are now 0-6 and sit in fourth place in the NFC East.

They lost the opener in New Orleans.