Australian sports fan’s car gets stuck on the track after being thrown out of an ambulance

ANZAC Day at the track by the Australian Institute of Sport and Exercise (AISE) has been described as “a little bit of hell” for an injured driver.

The accident happened at the start of the race when an ambulance transporting a fan struck the back of the Toyota GT86, the car the driver was in.

He lost control and collided with a police car and a police vehicle in a crash that left the fan and other spectators in the road for nearly four minutes.

The driver of the car suffered life-threatening injuries and was airlifted to the nearby Alice Springs Hospital.AISD Chief Medical Officer Dr John O’Brien said the fan had suffered life threatening injuries.

“He has broken a bone and he is in a lot of pain and he has some bruising,” Dr O’Briens said.

“I can tell you that we do not have a high casualty rate.”

The incident took place at the beginning of the round, which is one of the first times fans are allowed on the course.

The AISE says a number of safety measures are in place to prevent such accidents.

Dr O’Reilly said the accident highlighted the need for more safety measures and safety training for ambulance drivers.

He said the AISD’s safety and health department was in close contact with the driver and the other spectators.

“Our main concern is the safety and wellbeing of our passengers and the safety of the ambulance drivers who have to deal with the situation,” he said.